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Here is where I will keep track of what beauty I create in my day so that I can remember my groove. One a day to keep the Zanex away!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

This day

Okay so today was a better day. Conference was nice and it was really nice to not have to jump out of bed this morning and rush to get to church. The kids fought like crazy but we were still able to hear most of the talks. My beauty for today has to do with my big brother. We have had an interesting relationship. Growing up we fought constantly but I always felt connected to him, of course, we were siblings and he has had a rough road and I have prayed for him most of my life and I believe that we are connected to the people that we pray for even if they don't feel it. We have been close in a weird sort of not close way, if that makes sense. I have never really known how he felt about me or if he considered us to be friends. It has actually been within the last few years as I have been fighting the battle of my life that we have gotten closer. He has told me within the last couple of weeks that he thinks that I am (I am quoting here) "phenomenal" and I am not trying to toot my own horn, well actually I am and I think it is okay to say that that made me feel good and it meant a lot coming from him.
Then today he gave me a card for my birthday and he wrote some nice things in it. That is my beauty for the day...a growing relationship with my big brother.


Crissybug said...

Bethany, I think this is such a cool idea. It actually inspires me to try to do the same thing. I am looking forward to following you on this journey.

The pics of you and your brother are so fun!

Tassi Smith said...

I will have to agree with your brother. You are phenomenal! Your strength has helped me.