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Here is where I will keep track of what beauty I create in my day so that I can remember my groove. One a day to keep the Zanex away!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day one of the journey

These flowers are beautiful...they give me joy because my daughter who just turned 7 gave them to me on her birthday and wrote me a letter saying thank you for carrying her around in my tummy while she grew. Today while the kids were quiet (mostly because 50% of them were gone) as I walked by the table I noticed how the sun was coming in through the window and how beautiful they looked. I couldn't resist making a note of the moment.

Don't flowers look awesome with tulle around them like that--it makes them glow!! I bought myself that table cloth for my birthday and I love staring at it cause it is so freaking cool!


Sarah said...

I think it's amazing that you are doing this. My first thought after I read your blog - trying not to cry - was that it's too bad we've decided to suffer alone the last two years. Then I realized I should only speak for myself! It has been my sincerest prayer that you had someone to turn to. That you weren't alone during all of this. I know what it's like to loose your joy, So here's to you finding yours! I'm really impressed that you're willing to share this with everyone you know. I started a similar blog just the other day. Yours has such a better purpose - finding beauty in life. Although that was a goal I made this summer - to enjoy life as it is - I started the blog as a way to explore womanhood and motherhood. Of course since I'm a coward I did it under an assumed identity. Silly since I would really love for people to comment and share thoughts. I guess I'm hoping that somehow someone will stumble upon it! You deserve such joy in your life. I have never known anyone capable of triumph in life more than you. Your groove will come back, and I'm excited to watch your journey.

Emily K. said...

I have been trying to remember the date to your birthday, and I can't. But, I knew it was this month, and not too far away from mine. Happy birthday, Bethy!! Good luck in your quest. You are so inspiring me, and I know you will inspire others also. Let's discover that joy we once had, and dance our little hearts out!