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Here is where I will keep track of what beauty I create in my day so that I can remember my groove. One a day to keep the Zanex away!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Das Wetter

That is German for, the weather. My beauty today is the weather. The high today was 71. At last...we spent almost the whole day outside and I have thousands more freckles to prove it. That is not my beauty...the freckles. It is fun to let the kids play on their bikes, finally, and do a little yard work without sweating my patooty off.
Thank heavens.


Melting away in H... said...

I have to disagree with you on the freckle thing...I think freckles are beautiful! Maybe cause i am too lazy to cover mine up, but I have always thought that is what keeps me looking young:) I do have to agree with you on the beauty of the weather though...I love it!!! Check my post out on Wednesday!!!

The Pettit Family said...

I think freckles are beautiful too.