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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lance Burton, not so much

Abra cadabra it hasn't been a year...poof!

We have moved and I must say it has been quite interesting.

One beautiful thing about where we now live is my morning walks with my children to school.

I bust them all out in the wagon and bikes and we head off for our 3 minute journey to the corner.

I kiss my daughter sweetly on the head and watch as my oldest heads off.

It is these kinds of moments that make me realize that I am living the life I always thought I would. Sometimes it feels like that chance was robbed from me but it wasn't...this is what matters.
And it makes my life feel like magic and I am the magician that changes how it looks.

That is beautiful: the magician in me.

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Emily K. said...

Ahh, you're back Stella. I always liked reading these posts. We all need to find our inner magician, don't we? Thanks for sharing. I'm going to see if I can find some magic today, with my sick baby, and my too big, exhausted, post-baby body. Can you zap me skinny?